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Our unique long-distance Friendship Lamps are the best way to stay connected with people you love, anywhere across the world.


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Friendship Lamps Australia

We all have someone that we care about, and sometimes they live in some other part of the world. But distance, time and other constraints don’t mean you have to lose contact. Our unique Wi-Fi connected friendship lamps are a great way to reduce that distance, simply and powerfully!

Just rely on our Long-Distance Friendship Lamps to say hello to the people you love and care about. It’s a great way of telling them you love them, without really saying anything at all.

Friendship Lamp- The Benefits

When you buy a pair of friendship lamps, simply keep one in your own house and send the other one to your family member or friend. To connect them, follow the simple set-up instructions in the manual and connect the lamp to your home’s Wi-Fi. Once the connection has been established, link the lamp to your unique group ID and set the color of your choice.

It’s that simple. Once you have set the lamp, just touch it when you remember your loved one and that person’s lamp will light up too; reminding them that you’re thinking of them. You have the flexibility to connect multiple lamps and assign a different color for each of your family member; that will tell you exactly which person is touching their lamp.

You can connect as many lamps together as you wish, and you can purchase these lamps individually or in pairs.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing! but took some time to set up

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  2. Paige G. (verified owner)

    The Lamps are really great, but they are really hard to set up because the pop-up to set it up doesn’t always come up and the alternative doesn’t always work either. You also need to have internet with a password which not everyone has and consequently my sister is unable to use hers at college. They also disconnect every now and then and have to be unplugged and plugged back in. If these issues get addressed then 1000000% this is an amazing product. It’s made my mum feel so much better about us all being apart and we use it all the time.

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  3. Johanna S. (verified owner)

    It was so fast and the packeging with the smily is cute 🙂 The only thing i do not love is that the Lamps are pretty light and that makes them feel not that worthy. But they look so cute 🙂

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  4. Judith P. (verified owner)

    The service was great and I received them quickly. I haven’t set them up as they are for a Christmas present. They are smaller then I expected (about the height of myiPhone 7), but that is fine. They are also powered by a USB lead so I will need to buy a plug if I want to keep them charged. Can’t wait to use them.

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My lamp came with a couple of little scratches, nothing too bad. When I had issues and emailed staff they were very helpful and timely in their responses. Thank you!

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  6. Michelle C. (verified owner)

    They seemed to look much bigger in the photos on the website. But apart from that they were very easy to set up and work as described. We have it for cousins and the girls love it 🙂

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  7. Yanna Gralton (verified owner)

    I had quite a story with my lamp- my first set of lamps didn’t work and after several emails, I returned the lamps and replacements were sent. I now have two working lamps and they are fantastic! The customer service was terrific and they were very kind and understanding when I asked for replacements. It was annoying that the first lamps didn’t but the manner in which the issue was handled was fantastic. Thank You!

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  8. Stuart Leach (verified owner)


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  9. Maddy M. (verified owner)

    I purchased two friendship lamps, which came super fast in the mail and arrived just before Christmas, mine works a treat however my partners port where you plug it in bent off center on the first day. Other than that, they are so cool and a really fun gift!

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  10. Leah (verified owner)

    Love the lamp, difficult to set up, had to contact the company when setting up both lamps, took about an hour for each lamp. I think I am pretty good with setting up new tech, thought after the first one it would be easy but it was just as challenging. It’s worrh the hassle though.

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