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Our unique long-distance Friendship Lamps are the best way to stay connected with people you love, anywhere across the world.


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Friendship Lamps Australia

We all have someone that we care about, and sometimes they live in some other part of the world. But distance, time and other constraints don’t mean you have to lose contact. Our unique Wi-Fi connected friendship lamps are a great way to reduce that distance, simply and powerfully!

Just rely on our Long-Distance Friendship Lamps to say hello to the people you love and care about. It’s a great way of telling them you love them, without really saying anything at all.

Friendship Lamp- The Benefits

When you buy a pair of friendship lamps, simply keep one in your own house and send the other one to your family member or friend. To connect them, follow the simple set-up instructions in the manual and connect the lamp to your home’s Wi-Fi. Once the connection has been established, link the lamp to your unique group ID and set the color of your choice.

It’s that simple. Once you have set the lamp, just touch it when you remember your loved one and that person’s lamp will light up too; reminding them that you’re thinking of them. You have the flexibility to connect multiple lamps and assign a different color for each of your family member; that will tell you exactly which person is touching their lamp.

You can connect as many lamps together as you wish, and you can purchase these lamps individually or in pairs.

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116 reviews for Friendship Lamp

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  1. Holly (verified owner)

    I had some issues in the beginning with my lamp’s mechanics but after some amazing support from the Friendship Lamp team I managed to fix the issue and now my partner and I love them 🙂

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