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Keep your relationship alive with a Friendship Lamp

In our fast-paced world today, it can be difficult to keep in touch with the people closest to us. You may want to talk to your mum about what is happening in your life or tell your best friend how your date went. Having a loved one who lives far away can be exhausting. Between [...]

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Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts

One of the Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts If you're looking for the perfect gift ideas for your long distance loved one, look no further than friendship lamps. The unique gift of friend lamps is something your friend, family member or partner are sure to love. The distinct design of long distance friendship lamps is sure [...]

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Different relationships that benefit from Friendship Lamps

Light and brighten up the life of a loved one, across the miles with our unique and beautiful friendship Lamps.  Just Imagine a technology so simple yet advanced that allows you to tell your loved ones that you are thinking of them, without a text or phone call, but with a colourful and mellow glow. [...]

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Do Friendship Lamps Work Worldwide?

People constantly travel in today’s world, either for work or to study. They travel to different places across the globe or settle in different states permanently. This makes it difficult for them to stay in touch on a day-to-day basis with friends, family or people they love. Communicating over long distances can get difficult. Even [...]

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Stay Connected To Loved Ones

People are constantly moving around in today’s world. Many travel to different places in the country or overseas at times either to settle permanently or for work. This makes it extremely difficult for them to stay in touch with friends or people they love on a day to day basis. Communicating with each other across [...]

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How do Friendship Lamps Work?

Friendship lamps have become all the rage in Australia and many places across the world too, and many people are asking- How Do Friendship Lamps Work? These lamps are unique, attractive, compact and a great way to stay in touch with people you love. We live in a fast-paced world and many people also relocate [...]

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Long Distance Touch Lamps

Long Distance Touch Lamps For Long Distance Relationships! We live in a world where people are always on the move. And many people travel to different places within the country as well as overseas for work or even to live permanently. This can make it very difficult for them to stay in touch with people [...]

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Friendship Lamps – The Perfect Gift

What to buy a loved one when you can’t think of a gift It is not uncommon for there to be a time in people’s lives where they simply cannot think of a gift to buy a loved one. Furthermore, a gift that is personal and that they will actually keep and cherish. This gift [...]

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Benefits of Long Distance Touch Lamps

For those times when you have to leave someone behind It can be a bittersweet moment for many when they are leaving for a new city or country but they have to leave someone behind. They could be travelling for study, for work or for pleasure, or could even be moving so they can be [...]

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