Benefits of Long Distance Touch Lamps

For those times when you have to leave someone behind

It can be a bittersweet moment for many when they are leaving for a new city or country but they have to leave someone behind. They could be travelling for study, for work or for pleasure, or could even be moving so they can be closer to a family member such as a child. Whatever the reason may be, it can be an exciting time but it can also be hard saying goodbye to certain significant people. In some instances, someone will not be travelling long-distances but may be simply spending a lot of time at work. One parent (or both) may have to spend long hours at the office and will feel guilty about not tucking their kid into bed or for not spending more time with them. Life can sometimes be busy and so it is important to find a sweet way for parents to let their children know that they are thinking of them when they putting in more hours for a project or when they have to travel for work. A fun and interactive way that people can stay in touch is with a friendship lamp. A friendship lamp is a cost-effective method for busy folk who want to send a sweet and quick message to loved ones so they can know that they are special and are thought of.

How a friendship lamp can help

A friendship lamp can help people stay connected when they are separated by distance. Two friendship lamps can be purchased and each person will keep one for themselves. From there, they can simply plug in the friendship lamp and connect it to Wi-Fi anywhere in the world. Once the two lamps are connected, all one person has to do is to touch the lamp which will also light up the other person’s lamp. This will let them know that they are thinking of the other person, no matter where they are around the globe. For busy people, this is a really quick and easy way to keep in touch and can act as a gentle reminder to call that person or to arrange a catch-up as soon as possible. For some, it is enough to simply put a smile on their face even if they have had a bad day.

While loved ones can easily be contacted through social media and apps such as Skype these days, this can sometimes feel a little impersonal. Additionally, people can often struggle to find the time to use such methods of communication especially when travelling. So opting for a friendship lamp can be a fantastic way to stay in touch in a more meaningful way, even for those who have little spare time in their day. Furthermore, friendship lamps are 100% Australian owned and operated which can give people a little reminder of Australia when they are feeling homesick or nostalgic. All in all, friendship lamps can be an adorable gift which can help light up a loved one’s life.

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