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Friendship Lamps Australia

Australian made long distance friendship lamp

An easy to use long distance touch lamp that gives you a beautiful way to connect with those that you love!

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  • Light up a loved one’s life
  • Connected two or more lamps with the touch of a hand
  • Easy to connect via Wi-Fi
  • Australian Owned & Operated
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long distance friendship lamps

How do Friendship Lamps work?

Friendship Lamps help you stay connected with friends and family! Tapping your lamp will light up your friends lamp!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Friendship Lamp Australia is super easy to setup and if you have any questions or need help then contact us and we’ll be quick to respond!

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Australian Owned

Friendship Lamps Australia is proudly Australian owned!  We operate out of Sydney with the express purpose of connecting long distance loved ones and relatives to eachother!  Australia is a big place and we know how difficult being away from a loved one is!  That’s why we designed and developed our long distance friendship lamp!

Who are Friendship Lamps for?

Friendship Lamps are perfect for all sorts of long distance relationships.  Whether you are long distance lovers in foreign lands, or if you have family spread around the globe, or if you just want a way to send your love from the office to the home or vica-versa!  Wherever you are and no matter how many of you there are – friendship lamps help bring us together!

Friendship Lamp Features

Imagine your spouse or family members are living overseas or far away. Separation from loved ones can be emotionally traumatic at times, particularly around the holidays. There are times where you simply want to let them know you are thinking about them, but distance or time won’t allow it. Friendship lamps are the perfect solution to bridge that distance and let your special someone know you care about them.

Show someone you’re thinking of them, in style!

Available, get it now online!

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A Wide Range Of Colours Available

Set your lamp’s identity colour with ease so that your loved ones will know exactly who is thinking of them

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How Long Distance Touch Lamps Work

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